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ScanAir Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies only to the ScanAir application published on the Windows Store by Knittel Bruno. It does not apply to third party services, including the scanner devices, this application might use.

The only personal information used by this application is the user's name as provided in Windows. This information is written in the Author field of any PDF file the application generates and is transmitted to the scanner devices for information purposes. Besides these usages of the user's name, no personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by remote services of Knittel Bruno this application works with. Limited technical information is sent (such as IP addresses included in the HTTP calls the application makes) but none of that is used or stored by Knittel Bruno's services.

The scanner device's model identification (manufacturer name, product name and firmware version) are anonymously transmitted to the Knittel Bruno's servers and stored for statistical purposes. That information is disclosed as a list of supported devices list on Knittel Bruno's web site.

A small set of non-identifiable information is sent to one or more of the organizations below for statistical information about app usage, device type and capabilities. Statistical service providers: Microsoft and Knittel Bruno.

The application also generates technical diagnostic information that is send to Knittel Bruno’s servers in case of crash or on your request (Settings, then Report a problem). It does not include any private information but the one you might have provided in the report a problem wizard (Settings, then Report a problem). The diagnostic information combined with the one you might have provided are send and stored on Knittel Bruno’s servers and will be viewed by Knittel Bruno.

If you would like to report any violations of this policy or get more information on any app, please write us at