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Supported Devices

ScanAir is able to use both network and USB scanners but requires the driver to be installed on your system. If there is no driver available for your network scanner you should still give a try to ScanAir as it comes with out of the box support for some scanners. USB scanners can only be used if the driver has been installed.

Do you have troubles using your device with our ScanAir app? Write us at the email below and we will find out a solution!

Supported with a driver installed

All modern scanners or multifunction printers are provided with the appropriate driver. But keep in mind that drivers for Windows RT devices (e.g. the Microsoft Surface) are not always available.

If you can find and install a WIA compatible driver for your device then ScanAir will be able to use it.

Supported without driver

Drivers for Windows 8.1 are shipped with all modern scanners or multifunction printers but most manufacturers still don't ship Windows RT compatible drivers. This means that on Windows RT systems your USB scanner as very low chances to work. Th same applies for network scanners with one exception: if your device supports the standard protocol WSD-Scan then ScanAir will be able to use it without any driver.

However this WSD-Scan protocol is not wide spreaded. Please find below a list of devices with which we are sure ScanAir works without driver.

Manufacturer Model Compatibility
Canon MP560 Yes
Canon MX870 Yes